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Topaz Blue

about Topaz Blue

Blue topaz is a very durable gemstone. Excellent choice for all forms of jewelry. Topaz has a hardness of 8 making them less prone to scratching or chipping. Blue topaz comes in various shades and depths of color the most common names used in the trade are London Blue which is the darkest and has is a slightly greenish Blue , Swiss blue topaz which has a strong medium tone blue color and Sky blue the lightest in color and closely resembles aquamarine. There are some blue topaz that do not fit into the accepted trade names such as sapphire blue topaz, Paraiba neon blue topaz, glacier blue topaz etc. Although these blue topaz are natural in that they are mined from the ground almost all blue topaz has been irradiated to obtain a stronger blue color. The color is permanent and will not fade. The color is through out the gem, so if scratched or chipped it can be repaired by polishing or cutting without losing its color. Blue topaz does occur in nature where there is a high concentration of radioactive minerals present. The topaz is usually very pale blue in color. Natural blue topaz is rare and is far more expensive per carat than irradiated blue topaz. Topaz is the designated birthstone for November.
London Blue Topaz
London Blue Topaz
Weight: 15.39 carats
Color: Medium dark vivid blue
Shape: Rectangular Step Cut

London Blue Topaz

Fine grade blue topaz from Brazil.

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