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Our Gemstones

About Forever Gemstones

Forever Gemstones is a United States of America business founded in 2005.

Our Mission 

Our goal is to sell rare, unique, one of a kind and hard to find beautiful gemstones at or below wholesale prices. We sell at or under wholesale whenever possible.

Our Values

We only sell gemstones that are created by nature and come from the ground.  We do not sell artificial, synthetic lab-grown gems, or gemstones that have had surface treatments done to them, that render them impossible to minor recutting and polishing.

We sell our gemstones on an individual basis.  The gemstone you choose is the one you will receive.  Browsing through our website, you will notice pictures of more than one stone.  These gems are identical in color, cut, and clarity to the point that it would be redundant to take pictures of each individual gem.

Why Choose Forever Gemstones?

We will treat you with honesty and integrity. 

Want a unique gemstone that shimmers with brilliance yet won't empty your wallet?

We are your website.

Looking to make an investment and buy a gemstone of higher value?

We are your company.

And the fine print that gives you peace of mind:

Forever Gemstones offers a 21-day money-back guarantee if you decide to return your purchase on most gems. On gems that state "special terms and conditions apply to the purchase of this gemstone" the 21 day inspection period is reduced to 15 days.