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About Gemstones


The term "gemstone" is commonly used to define rare precious or semi-precious stones that are considered beautiful and durable enough to be set into jewelry. Sometimes, collectors save gemstones as individual pieces -- for various reasons including a stone's rarity, beauty, and/or fragility.

Value: Financial

Since ancient times, people have coveted gemstones.  Kings, queens, governments and the wealthy have hoarded gemstones throughout history. 

Gemstones are prized not only for their radiance, but also for their long-term investment value. While many investments ebb and flow due to an unstable market (stocks, real estate, etc.) and even the value of currency can fluctuate, gemstones keep their intrinsic value.

Also, gemstones are unusual investments because they are one of your most portable, valuable possessions.  A few million dollars in gemstones can be easily carried in a person's pocket, but try carrying three million dollars in currency or gold!

Value: Spiritual & Emotional

Jewelry is the top heirloom given from generation to generation. Now is a great time to buy a beautiful, unique gemstone for a special family member to pass to future generations.

Gemstones evoke emotion; they will show your gift recipient how much you care.

If you are buying a gemstone for yourself, you can select one that carries particular healing properties or conveys specific powers.