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about Ruby

Prized through the ages as the gem of gems. Ruby is one of the bid three colored gemstones used for jewelry the other two are sapphire and emerald. Extra fine grade ruby of exceptional color, cut and clarity of over two carats command prices over that of diamond. Ruby is very brilliant and very hard, ranking 9 on the Moh's scale second only to diamond. These characteristics make ruby a fine choice for any piece of jewelry. Ruby is the designated gemstone for July.
Ruby has a color range of red, slightly bluish red known as "pigeon blood red", slightly purplish red, strongly purplish red, and orangy red. The finest color is a vivid, almost pure spectral red with a very faint undertone of blue, as seen in Burmese ruby. The color of ruby is due to impurities of iron and chromium content. High chromium content creates the best colored ruby but at a cost. Chromium inhibits crystal growth so ruby gems of over three carats are very rare.
The origin for the name ruby is thought to be from the Latin word "rubrum" meaning red. It was not until about 1800 that ruby, as well as sapphire, was recognized as belonging to the corundum species. Before that date, red spinel and red garnet were also designated as ruby.
Burmese Ruby
Weight: 1.53 carats
Color: Vivid Pigeon Blood Red
Shape: oval

Burmese Ruby

Fine grade ruby from myamar-Burma


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