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about Tanzanite

Tanzanite is in the Ziosite family of gemstones. The most common and prized colors are Purple, Bluish purple, violet, bluish violet, violetish blue, blue and pink. Tanzanite is highly trichroic and will exhibit varying amounts of blue and violet in incandescent and daylight. Finest color is usually strong blue only in daylight to a violet blue in incandescent light with tertiary flashes of pink or red. Tanzanite has a Mohns hardness of 6 to 7. and has a very high luster and brilliance. Tanzanite may be worn on the hand if the stone is well protected by the setting. Great colored gemstone for all other jewelry purposes.
Tanzanite is a relative newcomer as far as gems goes. Discovered in 1967 in the African nation of Tanzania, the initial pocket of material was quit small. Many stories are tied to its discovery. The most popular suggests that in 1967 a Maasai tribesman discovered pieces of blue crystals along the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Believing the beautiful stones to be sapphire, he took the crystals he found to a gemologist in a nearby village. The gemologist tested the crystals and discovered that they were not sapphire, but instead something new Since this discovery back in 1967, the only viable deposits of tanzanite remain nestled in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in what is now called the village of Merilani, Tanzania. Shortly after its discovery and throughout the 1970's, the gemstone was exclusively marked by Tiffany and Company. Tiffany eventually relinquished its rights to the exclusivity arrangement allowing for broader market exposure. Throughout the 1980's Tanzanite gained rapidly in popularity as the supply grew making the gem more mainstream. As demand increased so did the supply. Tanzania experienced a classic style gold rush of sorts but the new gold was violet blue tanzanite. Production and yeild increased. By 1984, prices had peaked and the solid supply started pushing prices lower and lower. Tanzanite, now was priced at a fraction of what Tiffany & Co. had sought when they first introduced tanzanite to the market making the gem mor affordable to the market and the consumer. The international gem industry had its new darling. Now in 2014 tanzanite seems to be running out? Since the 1990's I have heard that the mines have been exhausted and soon there will be no more Tanzanite. I have heard this threat so many times that it seems to be more of a marketing ploy than reality. Tanzanite is a lovely gemstone and should sell to interested buyers on it own merits.
Weight: 3.79 carats
Color: Vivid blue daylight to violetish blue incandescent light
Shape: Trillion Modified Brilliant cut


Extra fine quality gemstone from Tanzania.

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