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about Rhodonite

Rhodonite: Silicate of manganese, MnSio3. Natural gemstone. Mohns hardness rating of 5.5 to 6.5. Like Rhodochrosite, its name is derived from the Greek root, Rhodon, meaning "pink". It is distinguished from Rhodochrosite by its greater hardness and the fact that it is not attacked by hydrochloric acid. Transparent crystals are very rare! The finest transparent facet grade crystals come from Bahia, Brazil. Rhodonite is a very difficult gemstone to cut.
Many gem cutters stay away from faceting the fragil transparent crystals. The faceted transparent gems are mainly cut for collectors and connoisseurs. The majority of rhodonite used in jewelry is a semi-opaque to translucent compact crysalline material. The color is a distinct pink or rose red color often with a blackish veining due to oxidation of manganese. This opaque, semi-translucent material is cut into cabochons or beads. The lower grade rhodonite suitable for beads and cabochons is mined in many locations Sweden, Great Britan, the Soviet Union, India, Australia, South Africa, The United States, and Mexico.
Weight: 6.11 carats
Color: Red
Shape: Oval - Cabochon


Rare facet grade natural Rhodonite from Bahia, Brazil.

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