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Green Zircon

about Green Zircon

Green zircon is highly prized and sought after be collectors. Green zircon contains radioactive thorium and uranium, which eventually breaks down the crystal structure. Decayed stones are known as "Low" zircon, with a "metamict" structure; undamaged zircon is called "high" zircon. Green zircon may vary a great deal in its Characteristics, the green color generally being associated with the metamict state. The color varies from a slightly brownish green to a brilliant rather cold green, or yellow green. Some specimens are perfectly transparent; others can look cloudy and display close, parallel striations, which are the main signs of the breakdown of the crystal lattice. Green zircons with good luster and clearly visible birefringence may display the physical properties of high zircon and highly sought after by collectors and designers of jewelry.
The earliest Hidu writing list zircon as one of the many gemstones on the Kalpa Tree of their religion; green zircon was this mysical trees foliage. The mystical properties of green zircon are said to help the wearer to open up and to make new friends and draw wealth.
Green Zircon
Weight: 4.21 carats
Color: Slightly yellowish Green
Shape: Oval Portugese Style cutting

Green Zircon

Fine grade natural gemstone from Sri Lanka. Natural un-heated.

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Green Zircon
Weight: 5.44 carats
Color: Olive Green
Shape: Trillion Modified Brilliant cut

Green Zircon

Fine quality natural gemstone from Sri Lanka. Rare collectors gem. Natural un-heated.

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Now $970.00

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