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Yellow Feldspar

about Yellow Feldspar

Yellow feldspar is a Anorthite, Pagioclase, Feldspar. The colors can often be whitish or greyish white, but can be yellowish, pale green, or even pink. Some gems may display adularescence similar to moonstone, also a feldspar.
The name "feldspar" is relatively new. the word comes from the German word "feldt spat", meaning "field spar" "spar" meaning common clevable material dredged up on farm lands during plowing.
The color of yellow feldspar varies from mid-to golden yellow. It is perfectly transparent with a vitreous luster. Gems are usually faceted in all shapes to bring out the fire of the crystals. Gems are usually free of inclusions to the naked eye.
Yellow feldspar closely resemble softly colored citrine and beryl, which can only be distinguished from it by their physical properties.
Yellow feldspar is used in all forms of jewelry. It has a Mohs hardness or 6 to 6.5 making it a durable gemstone for most forms of jewelry. If worn on the hand the setting choice should be designed to protect the gemstone.
The mystical symbolism and importance of colored gems as passed down to us for the color yellow if worn by a man, denotes secrecy (appropriate for a silent lover); worn by a woman, indicates generosity.


Yellow Feldspar

Treatment: None
Origin: Casa Grande, Mexico
Hardness: 6-6.5
Shape: Oval
Clarity: VVS, almost loupe clean
Material: Feldspar
Width: 12mm
Length: 16mm
Weight: 7.8 carat minimum
Color: light golden yellow

Beautiful light golden yellow color. Excellent cut, polish, and clarity. There are 167 of these fine natural gems available. Receive a 30% discount on the purchase of 6 or more of these fine natural gemstones.

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