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Collector Quartz

about Collector Quartz

These gemstones are natural transparent quartz rock crystal with unusual natural inclusions of tourmaline, rutile, hemetite, or chlorite. Each piece is as unique as a snow flake or a finger print. You can own a truely one of a kind gemstone with this material.
Quartz specimens with mineral inclusions are very common and make attractive gemstones. "Rutilated quartz" popularly known as Venus-hair stone, is quartz with needlelike rutile crystals. These may be red, black, or a golden yellow and have a metalic luster. Tourmalated quartz has inclusions of black tourmaline, which form prismatic or needlelike crystals. Opaque, metallic yellow inclusions of gold are found in specimens of gold quartz. Inclusions of silver may also be found within quartz, often in branchlike dendrites, and are silvery gray or black, opaque, and metalic. The irom minerals of goethite and pyrite, are also found as inclusions. If cut in cabochon quartz containing geothite may show a cat's eye effect.
Quartz with inclusions are found in Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka,Germany and Switzerland.

Rutilated Quartz

Treatment: None
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 7
Shape: Pear, Brilliant cut
Clarity: Transparent with golden yellow rutile needles
Material: Quartz
Width: 16mm
Height: 11.5mm
Length: 22.5mm
Weight: 20.30 carats
Color: Transparent with Golden yellow Rutile needles

Transparent quartz encasing crossing golden yellow rutile needles.

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