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Peridot / Olivine

about Peridot / Olivine

Peridot is the best known gem variety of olivine, a species named for a series of magnesium-iron rich silicate minerals. This bright yellow-green to green gemstone has been known for thousands of years. Some historians suspect that at least some of the emeralds worn by Cleopatra were actually peridot.
The earliest production of peridot was in about 70 A.D. from St. Johns Island in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. Most of the earliest known peridot gems came from this location and small amounts of peridot are still being found today. Later, very large, fine quality peridot was found from deposits in Myanmar formally known as Burma. These deposits were well known for their 20 to 40 carat cut stones of superb color and clarity. Burmese peridot still produces some of the worlds finest peridot but not in the quantities produced in the past. The United States was for many years the largest producer of fine gem quality peridot and still produces many fine gemstones. The United States is getting major competition from China and Pakistan for the world's largest producer of peridot.
Peridot has been found in Meteorites in crystals large enough for faceting, very rare but this gives peridot the honor of being the Extra-Terrestrial gemstone. Who knows maybe on some distant planet peridot jewels are gracing the walkways and red carpets.
Peridot has been prized for thousands of years and occurs in various hues of green that make peridot a very desirable and collected gemstone.

The importance of color and its mystical symbolism in gemstones was not lost on our forebears. Not only did strong association with specific stones evolve, but also associations of color with personal attributes. Over time, a fairly detailed symbolism came to join color with character. The color green if worn by a man signifies joyousness, transitory hope, decline of friendship; for woman, unfounded ambition, childish delight, and change.

The mystical properties of peridot are believed to bring the wearer success, peace, and good luck.
Peridot is the designated birthstone for the month of August.

Burmese Peridot

Treatment: None
Origin: Burma
Hardness: 6.5-7
Shape: oval
Clarity: VVS-eye clean
Material: Perdot
Width: 8mm
Length: 10mm
Weight: 5.34 carats total weight
Color: Vivid apple green

Beautiful vibid apple green color. VVS-eye clean clarity. Excellent cut and polish. Sold as a matched pair! Price shown is for both gems.

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