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Sapphire Purple

about Sapphire Purple

Purple sapphire recieve their color from impurities of iron together with titanium. The colors associated with purple are violet reddish blue, Lavender a pale purple, and purple a color about midway between red and blue. Sapphire known for its durablity and Moh's hardness of 9 make them an excellent choice for any jewelry design. Purple sapphires have a very attractive color and many will appear a blue purple in natural light and change to a more reddish purple in incandescent light. Sapphire is the designated birthstone for September. Purple sapphire also has an advantage in price and sell for less than Blue or pink sapphires. The main sources of purple sapphire are found in Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon, but are also found in Madagascar, Myanmar once known as Burma, and Thailand. An excellent choice for those who love the color purple and want to create a Heirloom piece of jewelry that may be passed on to future generations.

Ceylon Lavender Star Sapphire

Treatment: none
Origin: Sri Lanka
Hardness: 9
Shape: oval cabochon
Clarity: N/A transluscent
Material: corundum
Width: 7.01mm
Height: 4.63mm
Length: 8.96mm
Weight: 3.15 carats
Color: Lavender

Beautiful violet lavender color. Excellent cut and polish. Strong six ray asterism, well centered with good play. Translucent clarity.

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