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Sapphire Pink

about Sapphire Pink

Pure pink sapphire is colored by very small quantities of chromium, and with increasing amounts of chromium it forms a continuous color range with ruby. Pink sapphire and ruby are regarded as two different varieties of corundum in the united States and Europe, despite the fact that the only difference is their depth of color. Eastern and Asian countries tend to call deeply saturated pink sapphire ruby.
Pink sapphire is a very durable hard gemstones with exceptional luster and brlliance and is an excellent choice for all kinds of jewelry. Sapphire is designated as Septembers birthstone.

As with rubies pink sapphires are believe to ward off ill health and misfortune. For the wearer to gain the benefit of the stone, however, it has been thought neccesary for it to be worn directly on the skin. Therefore stones are cut so that, when set in a piece of jewelry, the back of the stone makes contact with the skin.
Pink sapphires from a pale pink to a near red color occur in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Mayanmar (Burma), East Africa, and Madagascar.

Pink Sapphire

Treatment: traditional low heat
Origin: Sri Lanka
Hardness: 9
Shape: Pear
Clarity: VVS, eye clean
Material: corundum
Width: 5.1mm
Height: 3.8mm
Length: 7mm
Weight: 2.38 carats total weight
Color: Vivid fuchsia pink

Beautiful vivid fuchsia pink color. well cut matched pair. VVS, eye clean clarity. sold as a pair.

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