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Sapphire Yellow

about Sapphire Yellow

Sapphire (Greek: sappheiros) refers to gem varieties of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3), when it is a color other than red, in which case the gem would instead be a ruby. Trace amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, or chromium can give corundum blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or greenish color. Pink-orange corundum are also sapphires, but are instead called padparadscha. Sapphire is the birthstone of September.

Yellow Sapphire

Treatment: low heat
Origin: Sri Lanka
Hardness: 9
Shape: Modified Princess
Clarity: VVS- Loupe clean
Material: corundum
Width: 7.1mm
Height: 4mm
Length: 7.1mm
Weight: 2.09 carats
Color: vivid yellow

Beautiful vivid yellow color. Excellent cut and polish. VVS, loupe clean clarity.

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