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Tourmaline Blue

about Tourmaline Blue

Blue Tourmaline is known as Indicolite in the trade. The color can vary from blue, very slightly greenish blue to a very strongly greenish blue. Saturation levels are important to the value of the gem. The most desired level of saturation is medium light to medium dark with no grey mask to the gem. Lively vivid blue gems with medium light to medium saturation levels are the most valued and have the look of paraiba tourmaline.

Indicololite Tourmaline

Treatment: None
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 7-7.5
Shape: Oval
Clarity: VVS, Loupe Clean
Material: Tourmaline
Width: 5.5mm
Height: 4.2mm
Length: 8.5mm
Weight: 1.35 carats
Color: Slightly greenish blue

Beautiful Windex blue color Excellent cut and polish. VVS, loupe clean clarity.

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