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about Morganite

Pink Beryl named after the gem enthusiast and banker J.P. Morgan. The first Morganite was a pale rose-colored specimen from california where tourmaline were also found. Morganite is the pink variey of Beryl. It is a durable gemstone with a hardness of eight. The crystals tend to grow very clean and in large sizes. Morganite cuts and polishes very well to fine wet like luster. Morganite colors can vary from a purple pink, strong purple pink, slightly purple pink, pink, strongly orange pink, slightly orangish pink, to a browwnish pink. The most prized color is a deep pink and slightly purplish pink with good tone and saturation. Morganite occures in many locations around the world. Madagascar, Brazil, Italy, Mozambique, Naminia, Zimbabwe, Afganistan, and Pakistan.


Treatment: None
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 8
Shape: Trillion
Clarity: VVS, loupe clean
Material: Beryl
Width: 12mm
Height: 8.5mm
Length: 12mm
Weight: 5.83 Carats
Color: Vivid orange Pink; Strong

Beautiful rich orange pink color. Excellent cut and polish. Calibrated! VVS, loupe clean clarity.

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