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Sphene/ Titanite

about Sphene/ Titanite

Sphene is also called Titanite. The mineralogical name (titanite) derives from the titanium contents. Sphene has intense fire and dispersion, higher than that of diamond. Sphene has been nick named the Christmas stone due to the intense dispersion of colors associated with Christmas. Sphene/ Titanite is strongly Pleochroic (showing three different colors) and has high birefraction (seen as doubling of the back facets) and adamantine luster. Gem quality sphene is found in Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Madagascar, Mexico, and Brazil. Sphene is a soft brittle gemstone and should not be worn on the hand unless set in a way that the gem is well protected by the surrounding metal or more durable gemstones. Great gemstone for pendants or earrings. There is no other transparent gemstone that can match the strong dispay of vivid mulitple colors sphene/ titanite will produce.


Treatment: None
Origin: Sri Lanka
Hardness: 5-5.5
Shape: Portuguese Round
Clarity: VVS, eye clean
Material: Titanite
Diameter: 8.5mm
Weight: 4.25 carats total weight
Color: Rich brown with multi-color dispersion

Rich brown color with dazzling multi-color dispersion. VVS, eye clean clarity. Excellent cut and polish. Sold as a matched pair! Price listed is for both gemstones.

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