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Fire Opal

about Fire Opal

Fire opal is named after its colors yellow, orange and a brilliant scarlet. Fire opal is usually fairly translucent, milky, and without opal's iridescence. lack of iridescence is due to the fact that the spheres of silica composing it are to large. Fire opal is strongly characterized by its color, combined with an "amorphous" look unlike that of transparent crystalline gems. Fire opal is quite hard like other opals. There is no other stone that resembles it. Deposits are found in Mexico, Brazil, Guatamala, the United State and Western Australia. Opal is designated as the birthstone of October.

Fie Opal

Treatment: None
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 6
Shape: Pear
Clarity: VVS, eye clean
Material: Opal
Width: 17mm
Height: 14.1mm
Length: 24.5mm
Weight: 17.27 carats
Color: Orange

Beautiful vivid tangerine orange color. Excellent cut and polish. Huge gemstone.

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