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Cognac Quartz

about Cognac Quartz

Cognac quartz exhibits colors that are that of cognac, Hence the name. These gems have earth tone hues of green, gold, brown, yellow and orange depending on the light source when viewed. Truly unique and a good choice for all types of jewelry.

Cognac Quartz

Treatment: heat
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 7
Shape: Oval
Clarity: VVS eye clean
Material: Quartz
Width: 10mm
Length: 12mm
Weight: 4.4 carat average
Color: Brown, green, gold, orange, yellow, Multicolored

Unique and beautiful blend of green, brown, gold, yellow and orange hues depending on the light when viewed. Excellent cut and polish. VVS, eye clean clarity. There are 4 of these fine gems available. Price listed is per gemstone.

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