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Tourmaline golden yellow

about Tourmaline golden yellow

Yellow Tourmaline is considered a rare color for tourmaline. Tourmaline with colors of Greenish Yellow ("Canary Yellow"), Yellow, Orangy Yellow, and Golden Orange are catagorized as Yellow or golden Tourmaline in the trade. The name Tourmaline is derived from ancient Sinhalese name Turamali, which is thought to mean "stone with mixed colors". Yellow Tourmalines are found in Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Mozambique. Tourmaline is a very durable gemstone and a good choice for all types of jewelry. Tourmaline is designated as the alternate birthstone for October and is an excellent choice for those who are not fans of opal.

Canary Yellow Tourmaline

Treatment: None
Origin: Sri Lanka
Hardness: 7-7.5
Shape: Trillion
Clarity: VVS eye clean
Material: Tourmaline
Width: 4mm
Length: 4mm
Weight: .50 carats total weight
Color: Vivid greenish yellow

Beautiful vivid greenish yellow color. VVS eye clean clarity. Matched pair!

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