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Greened Amethyst

about Greened Amethyst

Green Amethyst is produced when heat is applied to a certain type of amethyst. Most amethyst turns yellow, orange or brown when heated, but amethyst containing iron compounds with specific properties (Fe2+ iron coumpounds) will turn green instead.
Some natural sources of green quartz has been found, however the green amethyst sold as gemstones is heat-treated. The two are the same.It is speculated that heat produced naturally by geologic events during the formation of the mineral caused the production of the naturally green deposits. The type of amethyst which green amethyst is made is found in only a few locations, the main source being Brazil- particularly in Montezuma ( Minas Gerais state). Other locations where this variety of amethyst have been found include Arizona, The border of Nevada/California and Zimbabwe.
Green Amethyst is known by other names Prasiolite, Vermarine and Amagreen.
Small deposits of naturally occurring green quartz Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) has been reported in Southern Bahia(Brazil), Canada(Thunder Bay), Poland, Tanzania, Namibia, Nevada, and New Hampshire. It is often found side-by-side with purple amethyst in Igneous, metamorphic and volcanic rock.
Greened Amethyst, Like ordinary amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz, is a good choice for jewelry. It is durable and scratch-resistant enough for daily wear in all types of jewelry.

Greened Amethyst

Treatment: heat
Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Hardness: 7
Shape: Round Brilliant
Clarity: VVS eye clean
Material: Quartz
Diameter: 10mm
Weight: 3.4 carats minimum
Color: Light mint Green

Beautiful light mint green color. Well cut calibrated gemstones. VVS, eye clean clarity. There are 3 of these fine gems available. Price listed is per gemstone.

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