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about Apatite

Apatite may be colorless, pink, yellow, green, blue or violet in color. The name apatite from Greek translates to "cheat" because it can easily be confused with other types of gemstones. The neon blue and greenish blue apatite closly resembles the much more expensive and rare paraiba tourmaline, to make a point. Apatite with only a value of 5 on the Mohs harness scale limits its use in jewelry and should not be worn on the hand. Worn as earrings or well protected pendants can make a stunning display though. Apatite is an abundant mineral found in many types of rock, but most gem-quality material is associated with pegmatites. Deposits of gem quality apatite are found in Burma (Myanmar), Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Russia, Sweden, Spain, East Africa, and the United States.

Neo Blue Cat's Eye Apatite

Treatment: None
Origin: Madagascar
Hardness: 5
Shape: Oval - Cabochon
Clarity: N/A translucent
Material: Apatite
Width: 7mm
Height: 5.9mm
Length: 9.3mm
Weight: 3.37 carats
Color: Neon Paraiba Windex Blue

Rare cat's eye Apatite in the old mine paraiba Windex neon blue.

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