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Fire Agate

about Fire Agate

Fire Agate belongs to the chalcedony family of micro crystalline quartz. The distinctive iridescent colors of fire agate are caused by layers of iron oxide within the quartz. The rainbow iridescence effect is created through diffraction of light by the layered structure.
Fire agate is found in the U.S.A, Arizona and mexico.
Fire Agate is a one of a kind gemstone, like snow flakes, each has its own unique beauty.

Fire Agate

Treatment: None
Origin: Dear Creek, Arizona
Hardness: 7
Shape: Free Form Marquise
Clarity: N/A Opaque
Material: Micocrystalline Quartz
Width: 8mm
Height: 4.2mm
Length: 13.8mm
Weight: 3.66 carats
Color: Brown with Muti color iridescence

Beautiful brown base with multiple color iridescence. Beautiful free form Marquise shape. Excellent cut and polish.

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