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Goshenite, White Beryl

about Goshenite, White Beryl

Goshenite is the pure, colorless variety of beryl. With excellent clarity and brilliance combined with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale goshenite is a great substitute for diamond or white sapphire. Excellent gemstone for all forms of jewelry.
Goshenite is named after Goshen, Massachusetts where it was first found. Goshenite is found in Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, and the United States.
Pale and colorless beryl was once used for the lenses in eye glasses. The German word for spectacles,"brille", may have been derived from the word. "beryl".
The importance of color and its mystical symbolism for color in gems, as they have come down to us, for colorless or white gemstones signifies friendship, integrity, and religious commitment for men; purity, affability, and contemplation for women.

Goshenite White Beryl

Treatment: None
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 8
Shape: tapered baguettes
Clarity: VVS, almost loupe clean
Material: Beryl
Width: 2mm
Length: 4mm
Weight: 1 carat parcels 16 gems per
Color: Colorless White/ White

Beautiful brilliant colorless transparent gemstones. Great accent gems. sold in 1 carat parcels 16 gems to a parcel. Tapered baguettes.

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