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Lemon Quartz

about Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz also call lemon citrine is a gemstone mined from the ground from certain mines in Brazil. The rough material is a pale yellow color. The rough is then irradiated with gamma rays which changes the color to a vivid greenish yellow color. Lemon citrine closely resembles fine Chrysoberyl in hue and brilliance. Lemon quartz is a very good low cost substitute for chrysoberyl.

Lemon Quartz

Treatment: irradiation
Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 7
Shape: oval
Clarity: VVS eye clean
Material: quartz
Width: 6mm
Length: 8mm
Weight: 1.12 carats minimum
Color: Vivid greenish yellow

Vivid greenish yellow color. Standard 8x6mm calibrated gemstones. VVS, loupe clean clarity. There are 5 of these fine gems available. Price listed is per gemstone.

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