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about Aquamarine

Aquamarine (Lat. aqua marina, "water of the sea") is a gemstone-quality transparent variety of beryl, having a delicate blue or turquoise color, suggestive of the tint of seawater. It is closely related to the gem emerald. Colors vary, and in addition to blue, yellow beryl (heliodor), rose pink beryl (morganite), red beryl (formerly bixbite), and white beryl (goshenite) are also to be found. Aquamarine is the Birthstone of March.


Treatment: Natural
Origin: Tanzania
Hardness: 8
Shape: Princess cut
Clarity: VVS, Almost Loupe clean
Material: beryl
Width: 8.8mm
Height: 5.9mm
Length: 8.8mm
Weight: 2.83 carats
Color: Bluish green, Strong

Beautiful bluish green color. Excellent cut and polish. VVS, almost loupe clean.

Price: SOLD