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Sapphire Orange

about Sapphire Orange

Orange as an important fashion color has increased and gems such as spessartite garnet. imperial topaz and orange sapphire are in high demand. Orange sapphire are highly desirable for their color, considerable luster, and durability. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the Moh's scale second only to diamond. Orange sapphire is a great choice for any type of jewelry design. The colors of orange sapphire range from a yellowish orange to a redddish orange. The finest orange sapphire are strong, pure orange to a reddish orange with medium tone and vivid saturation. Orange sapphire owe their color to a combination of trace elements in chemical composition mainly chromium for red and iron for yellow. Orange sapphire are very rare never found in large quantities. Due to their rarity and value the corundum crystals are cut and faceted to yeild the largest possible finished gems and are usually not cut to standard calibrated sizes. Orange sapphire is rare in any size.
Orange sapphires are found in Australia,Sri Lanka,Tanzania,Kenya and Madagascar.
Sapphire is the designated birthstone for September.

Ceylon Orange Sapphire

Treatment: Traditional Low Heat
Origin: Sri Lanka
Hardness: 9
Shape: Oval brilliant step cut
Clarity: VVS- Almost Loupe Clean
Material: Corundum
Width: 5.2mm
Height: 4.4mm
Length: 7.2mm
Weight: 1.40 carats
Color: Vivid Orange

Beautiful vivid orange color. Good cut and polish. VVS, almost loupe clean clarity.

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