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Rutilated Topaz

about Rutilated Topaz

Commonly called "rutilated topaz" in the trade the needle like inclusions in topaz are created by limonite. the needle like inclusions in topaz consist of limonite staing that fills hollow growth tubes in the topaz. Limonite is quite a different mineral than rutile. Rutile is a titanium dioxide and is not known to crystalize at in topaz, in a needle like form. Limonite is not itself a true mineral, but is composed of a varying mixture of hydrated iron oxide minerals such as goethite and lepidocrcite. Limonite is typically yellow to brown in color, and is used as the basis for the natural earth pigment ochre.
With the combination of a 8 Moh's hardness, excellent brillance and limonite inclusions unique from gem to gem limonated topaz makes a good choice for all types of jewelry and for those who want to have a one of a kind gemstone. Topaz is the designated birthstone for November.

Limonated Topaz

Treatment: None
Origin: Burma
Hardness: 8
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Loupe clean, VVS with limonite needles
Material: Topaz
Width: 19mm
Height: 15mm
Length: 22.1mm
Weight: 45.10 carats
Color: Transparent with Golden limonite needles

Excellent cutting and poish. Loupe clean transparent topaz encasing beautiful limonite needles.

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